The Quantified Community at Governor's Island

Through a partnership between Dr. Kontokosta and the Trust for Governor's Island, the Urban Intelligence Lab is deploying its urban sensor arrays to better understand environmental conditions across the island. Governor’s Island is a unique park and recreational area situated just south of Lower Manhattan. The 150-acre island is managed by the Trust for Governor’s Island, which controls almost all aspects of the operations and programming of the site, giving it unique access to a range of relevant data, including real-time visitor data, maintenance and operational data, and visitor sentiment. Given that Governor’s Island is situated between the Lab's test-beds in Lower Manhattan and Red Hook, it creates the opportunity to collect sensor data across a geographical continuum that enables the study of the effects of wind direction, topography, and point source pollutants on air quality.

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The Quantified Community at Red Hook

Red Hook, Brooklyn, is an economically-distressed neighborhood where over 70% of the residents live in public housing. What’s more, over 26% of the Red Hook population has been diagnosed with asthma, more than 2.5x the national rate. Our partner in the Red Hook project is the Red Hook Initiative, a community organization whose mission is to drive social change through the empowerment of young people. We are working together to utilize urban IoT technologies to measure key environmental health indicators and provide information back to residents to both find sources of problems and develop better solutions. Engaging the community is a critical aspect of our work.

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The Quantified Community at Lower Manhattan

Covering the area from City Hall to the Battery and the East River to West Street, the Quantified Community at Lower Manhattan provides an unprecedented research laboratory in a dense, mixed-use, and rapidly evolving urban environment. The Urban Intelligence Lab has partnered with the Alliance for Downtown New York - one of the largest and most sophisticated Business Improvement Districts in the country - to deploy the QC urban sensing array throughout the district. In addition to measuring air quality, noise levels, and localized weather, the Lab is also collecting data on pedestrian counts, street usage, and economic activity in the area. Our research in the QC@Lower Manhattan is focused on understanding how urban development impacts quality-of-life, accessibility and mobility of residents, visitors, and workers, and economic activity at micro- and meso-scales.

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NYCx Co-Labs

A joint partnership of the NYC Office of the CTO, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, and the Urban Intelligence Lab, the NYCx Co-Labs Initiative aims to prototype a framework for deploying smart city technology activities within NYC such that there is a standardized process for pilot technology deployments by the city, private industry, or academia that takes into account community and city agencies input and focuses on traditionally underserved areas where new technologies can have the greatest benefit. The Initiative will be built on a network of individual Neighborhood Labs for the purpose of testing and deploying smart city technologies and providing unique opportunities for research, community engagement, and public education.

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